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Promise and Deliverance
Student Workbooks

When S.G. De Graaf wrote his four-volume series, Promise and Deliverance, he showed educators how to teach Bible stories from a redemptive-historical perspective. Rather than turning Bible stories into moralistic tales, De Graaf taught us how all the Bible shows God revealing himself as the God of the covenant, who is working out His redemptive plan for humanity and all of creation. PDF copies of De Graaf's work are available on

The 80 workbooks written by Harvey De Groot are meant to supplement De Graaf’s work. They are divided by volume and level number: 20 volumes with four levels per volume. Workbook lessons are written at four levels so that families with students in various grades can study the same Bible stories during the week in preparation for their classes on Sunday. Prior to class, the Sunday School teacher should study the lesson in De Graaf’s book. The teacher and students can go through the workbook during class.

The levels are divided according to the following grades:

•Level One: Grades K-1

•Level Two: Grades 2-3

•Level Three: Grades 4-6

•Level Four: Grades 7-8

Each volume contains 12 or 13 lessons, and each lesson has the following sections:

•Reference: The volume and lesson number in De Graaf’s series.

•Scripture: The passage from Scripture on which the lesson is based.

•Memory Verse: A memory verse related to the lesson

•Lesson Truth: A short statement to help the class focus on the main point of the lesson.

•Lesson: The lesson itself, which the teacher can read in class. For older grades, the teacher may opt to assign it as homework.

•Questions: Items to be discussed in class. For older grades, the teacher can assign these questions as homework but should also use them as a basis for class discussion. These are not the only questions that could or should be asked. Teachers should encourage students to come with their own questions as well.

This edition was written by Harvey De Groot and edited by his son Norlan De Groot.

Download PDF versions of the workbooks for free, or if you like, you can purchase bound copies from

Volume 1

Volume one contains the following lessons:

1. The Kingdom of God (Gen. 1:1-2:3)

2. The Covenant of God's Favor (Gen. 2:4-25)

3. The Covenant of God's Grace (Gen. 3)

4. Living Seed (Gen. 4)

5. Saved by Water (Gen. 6-9)

6. The Emergence of Distinct Peoples (Gen. 11:1-9)

7. Blessed in The One (Gen. 12)

8. Christ Alone (Gen. 13)

9. Blessed by the Greater (Gen. 14)

10. The Lord in the Covenant (Gen. 15)

11. God Hears (Gen. 16)

12. God the Almighty (Gen. 17)

Volume 2

Volume two contains the following lessons:

1. God's Confidant (Gen. 18)

2. The Judge of All the Earth (Gen. 19)

3. The Protection of the Promised Seed (Gen. 20)

4. Divine Good Pleasure (Gen. 21)

5. On the Mount of the Lord (Gen. 22)

6. The Guarantee of the Inheritance (Gen. 23)

7. Loving God for His Own Sake (Job 1)

8. The Lord's Involvement in Human Suffering (Job 2–39)

9. Sanctification unto Renewal (Job 40–42)

10. The Preservation of the Covenant Seed (Gen. 24:1–25:18)

11. Flesh and Spirit (Gen. 25:19-34)

12. Rehoboth (Gen. 26)

Volume 3

Volume 3 contains the following lessons:
1. God's Prerogative in Election (Gen. 27:1-28:9)
2. God's Primacy in the Covenant (Gen. 28:10-22)
3. The Word Becomes Flesh (Gen. 29-30)
4. Separation by the Word (Gen. 31)
5. Israel's God (Gen. 32-33)
6. Holy is the Lord (Gen. 34-36)
7. Sold for Twenty Pieces of Silver (Gen. 37-38)
8. God's Word in Egypt (Gen. 39-41)
9. Restored Unity (Gen. 42-45)
10. The Preserver of Life (Gen. 46-47
11. The Bringer of Peace (Gen. 48-50)
12. I Am Who I Am (Ex. 1-4)

Volume 4

Volume 4 contains the following lessons:

1. Freedom to Serve the Lord (Ex. 5-11)

2. Resurrection (Ex. 12:1-13:16)

3. The Day of the Lord (Ex. 13:17-15:21)

4. Borne on Eagles' Wings (Ex. 15:22-17:16)

5. The Covenant Established (Ex. 18-24)

6. The Mediator (Ex. 32-34)

7. God's Dwelling Place (Ex. 25-31, 35-40)

8. Consecrated to God (Lev. 8:1-10:7)

9. Israel's Calling (Num. 9:15-10:36)

10 For His Own Sake (Num. 11)

11. Illegitimate Honor (Num. 12)

12. Light Shining in Darkness (Num. 13-14)

Volume 5

Volume 5 contains the following lessons:

1. The Head of the People Upheld (Num. 16:1-40)

2. A Thriving Priesthood (Num. 16:41-17:13)

3. The Living God (Num. 20:1-13)

4. Humiliation (Num. 20:14-21:9)

5. Blessed by the Lord (Num. 21:10-24:25)

6. The Sovereignty of God's Justice (Num. 25-36)

7. The Word Is Very Near You (Deut. 29-34)

8. Brought into Canaan (Josh. 1:1-5:12)

9. Set Apart to the Lord by the Ban (Josh. 5:13-8:35)

10. The Righteousness of God (Josh. 9-12)

11. The Heritage of the Saints (Josh. 13-22)

12. Confirmed in the Inheritance (Josh. 23-24)

Volume 6

Volume 6 contains the following lessons:
1. The Earth is the Lord's (Judg.1-5)
2. The Reign of Grace (Judg. 6-9)
3. Moved by Israel's Misery (Judg. 10-12)
4. The Mighty One of Israel (Judg. 13-16)
5. Falling and Rising (Judg. 17-21)
6. The Redeemer (Ruth 1-4)
7. The Forerunner of the King (1 Sam. 1-4)
8. The Return of the Lord (1 Sam. 5-7)
9. Collision (1 Sam. 8-12)
10. Put to Shame (1 Sam. 13-14)
11. Divine Rejection (1 Sam. 15)
12. Divine Election (I Sam. 16)
13. The Deliverer Revealed to the People (1 Sam. 17:1-18:13)

Volume 7

Volume 7 contains the following lessons:

  1. Crisis (I Samuel 18:14–20:42)
  2. No Place to Lay His Head (I Samuel 21–23)
  3. Vengeance Is Mine (I Samuel 24–26)
  4. Forsaken and Sought Out (I Samuel 27–31)
  5. The People’s Submission to Their King (II Samuel 1–5)
  6. King of Israel (II Samuel 6–9)
  7. The Lord’s Beloved (II Samuel 10–12)
  8. Rejected and Restored (II Samuel 13–20)
  9. Israel’s Lamp (II Samuel 21–24)
  10. The Kingdom of Peace (I Kings 1–4)
  11. The Palace of His Holiness (I Kings 5–9)
  12. The Light of the World (I Kings 10–11)

Volumes 8-20 Arriving Soon

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