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The following resources may be helpful to students in taking my courses. Clicking the title of the resource will either download the resource or will take you to the appropriate web page. The listings follow the Library of Congress classifications.

BS: Christianity: The Bible; Old and New Testament

Boyd, James Oscar and John Gresham Machen. A Brief Bible History: A Survey of the Old and New Testaments. Philadelphia: The Westminster Press, 1922.

This is a Bible survey. Section I is entitled, "The Development of the Church In Old Testament Times." Section II is entitled "The Life of Christ and the Development of the Church in New Testament Times.


Free PDF download from this website

Free HTML, EPUB, Kindle, or Plain Text download from Project Gutenberg

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PA: Classical Languages and Literature

The Online Greek Bible

This is an online Greek New Testament for students who may not own a hard copy version of the Greek New Testament.


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PJ: Language and Literature: Oriental Languages and Literature

BHS Hebrew Bible
This is an online Hebrew Bible for students who may not own a hard copy version of the Hebrew Old Testament